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Landlord Reference Letter

Reference letter are most commonly written among all the letters. It is used to recommend someone to any acquaintance. It is written for any laborer, co worker or a student. This letter could help a person with his career so it should be written with extra care.

Landlord Reference Letter Template

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Date: __________ (On this very day the letter is written)





Subject: Reference letter to recommend a farm worker

Respected Sir,

I am very much obliged to recommend you Mr. ABC and his wife as a farm worker. It is my immense pleasure that you asked for a recommendation for a worker to work on your farm land. You requested for a tenant to work for a particular season. I think this family is the best recruit for you.

I would like to assure you that they are not indulged in any type of crime. So they do not have any kind of criminal or police records. They are extremely hard working family. They are very much sincere and serious about their job. They did not give me even a slight chance for complaint. Their presence releases my burden and makes me tension free. They keep the track of even the single penny and the atom sized grain.

It is my, believe that you will like them the most. Your relationship with them will proof fruitful for you. Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,


Name and Signature


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Landlord Reference Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



__________ (Sender will write his name here)

__________ (and his address over here)


Date: __________ (Sender wrote this letter on this very date)


__________ (Sender write the receiver’s name in the dash given)

__________ (and his address in the blank)


Subject: Letter of reference for a farm worker

Respected Sir,

This following letter is written as a reply for your request of recommending a field worker. Mr. XYZ and his two brothers work for me for past five years. You asked for some farm workers to work in your farm lands. These men are just suitable for your works. As per your request the XYZ brothers will work for you only in spring season. There field work is exceptional.

I would like to share something about their character, as that was your main preference. They do not posses any kind of police or criminal records. They were never indulged in any type of drug distribution or theft or murder. They are extremely sincere, serious and hard working kind of people. I could assure you that they consider their job everything.

Their hard work had made me prosperous and I hope that you meet the same fate. Thanking you.


Yours Sincerely,


Name and Signature (Sender’s signature and name)


Email Format

A landlord reference letter is a kind of referral letter that states your good stay and cooperation in the apartment that you rented. This is also a proof that you are a good tenant and you planned to leave for another unit.

Dear Ms. White,

This is letter to verify that Mr. West and his wife are my tenants in 28 Street, Block 5 North Avenue, London. He pays £650 each month for the two bed room unit. Mr. West has been the tenant of our unit since January 2007 and they have been very cooperative. Except by the time he lost his career, the rent has been paid on due date. This great rent was settled with in two weeks.

Mr. West keeps the unit and its surrounding clean and orderly. He is very careful not to bother his neighbors and he doesn’t even do loud music or engage to some impolite doings. His pet dog is not a problem as well and don’t caused disturbance to their neighbors.

Mr. West gave us one month notice of having the intention to vacate the unit. We will refund his full deposit at the end of the month. You can contact me for more information.


Mary Snoop


Snoop Apartments


Landlord Reference Letter Generator

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