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Reference Letter – Sample Scholarship Reference Letter

When writing a reference letter explain how you know the applicant and how long you have known him/her. Explain the applicant’s qualities, skills, prior experience, achievements and other things that put him apart from the crowd. Give a detail account of his academics and his abilities and all the things that make him an eligible candidate. Also mention your qualification and contact information as it will give the reader a clear picture about you and he will give a serious consideration to your letter.

Here is a sample scholarship reference letter:

Young Scientists Scholarship Panel,

Regional Centre for Biotechnology,

Takhteshahi Road,

New Delhi.

30th April, 2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing with great pleasure to urge you to seriously consider Weng Johnson for the Young Scientists Scholarship that is announced by the Regional Centre for Biotechnology, India. Weng Johnson is a student of Trinity University and has been working under my guidance on the tissue culture of medicinal plants to discover the drugs for complex diseases from last 2 years. Having him as my student was a real pleasure as he was a very hardworking and sincere student, and I look forward to his bright future. He was always full of ideas and has a great zeal and enthusiasm for research.

Along with good research knowledge and grip over his subject, Weng also possess great presentation skills. He was also very active in co-curricular activities of the university. He was the cultural head and was a very good drummer and actor. With his effective time management skill he did all the things without affecting his research and always yielded with good results. I am confident that Weng will bear on his journey of academic success in future.

You can contact me any time for any additional information.


Dr. Stephan Webster

Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences,

Trinity University

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