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Scholarship Recommendation Letter

Dear Name,

I wish to recommend ____________ for____________ scholarship program. I have known him from past four years during which he was the student of electronics

_____________ is very hard working and is a motivation and inspiration to other students. He has always overcome his financial hardships and tried to excel in all fields; he is extremely good in academics and also actively participates in all co curricular activities. He is also a good sportsman and has won many awards for the college. He has always taken care of his finances by doing part-time joins and giving tuition to his juniors.

He is very popular among the fellow students and is a very intelligent, hardworking, humble and with excellent leadership qualities. He has always shown his interest in academic and has always stood ahead in studies work. He is one student who actively participates in the classroom discussions and always stand out to help her fellow students.

I sincerely recommend __________ for the scholarship as I feel he is the right candidate for that program


Your name.

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