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Tenant Reference Letter

A tenant reference letter is generally written to help a currently residing tenant to go for a new residence without any pitfalls in the leasing procedure. By referring the tenant and providing the will be landlord a proof of the tenant`s reliability, the latter will face no problem in convincing the landlord that he is extremely trustworthy. Thus while referring a tenant; a landlord must abide by certain rules.

The rules mentioned above are as follow:

  1. Extreme formality should be maintained while recommending a tenant.
  2. One should be respectful towards the future landlord and show due respect to him without any trace of hostility due to the competitive atmosphere.
  3. The whole recommendation thing should comprise of an assessment of the social and behavioral traits of the tenant with a positive outlook.
  4. The letter should be brief and precise.
  5. The letter should be devoid of errors.

Tenant Reference Letter Sample






Date: ________ (date of writing the letter)





Sub: Recommendation of a tenant seeking your hospitality.

This letter is written is meant to recommend my previous tenant who has approached you with the hope of renting your residence.

Being the landlord of Mr.ABC for nearly seven years, I have got the clear perception of the fact that as a tenant he is of the highest moral and social demeanor. He always abided by the rules of the society and never gave a chance to complain. He has also shown remarkable communicative skills.  As far as clearing dues are concerned, he was extremely regular. And in certain times and situations, he has proven himself to be extremely useful. Thus I want you to consider the need of the person as I assure you that he will be able to convince you that he is trustworthy.

I hope you will kindly do the needful.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

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