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Reprimand an Employee for Poor Attendance

It is very essential for an employee to carry on his duties well. It is very difficult to carry on a job efficiently rather than to attain a new one. It is really difficult to retain a new job. It is really very essential for an employee to be punctual and regular. An employee can be reprimanded if he does not fulfil the job responsibilities or if he has misbehaved. Regular attendance is very important for the effective performance of the employee. The reprimand an employee for poor attendance is written by the company to the employee who had poor attendance. The tone of the letter is unpleasant and discusses the reason for the reprimand of the employee. Poor attendance is non tolerable in the business organisation.

Tips For Writing Reprimand An Employee For Poor Attendance:

  1. The letter should be to the point and short.
  2. The letter should be typed and formal.
  3. The letter should address the exact person.
  4. The letter should give appropriate reason to reprimand the employee.
  5. There should be no abusive language.
  6. The letter should be written subtly.
  7. The language of the letter should be simple.

Reprimand an Employee for Poor Attendance Sample


Dear Mr Ramesh,

This letter is in reference to your poor attendance. It has been noticed that you are coming late to office every day. It is also noticed that you are always 20 minutes late. It is clear that other staffs of your area are always on time so you cannot make an excuse of bad traffic. It is also seen that you have a very low attendance.

It is very essential for you to understand the importance of regular attendance. Your poor attendance also affects your performance. Please take it quite seriously and improve it or you will have to face its consequence.

Hope that you will make an improvement.

Kamal Kumar


HR Head

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