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Reprimand Letter

It is often seen that it is highly difficult to retain a job than getting it. It is very essential to carry on the work in an effective way so that the job responsibilities can be achieved. A reprimand letter is a formal official letter that is written to the employee whose behavior and action do not match with the code of conduct of the organization or firm. This letter carries details of the misbehavior or any appropriate action of the employee and also shows that what consequences he will have to face for such deeds. These letters are formal and are typed. It should be kept in mind that even though the letter is written to reprimand an employee but no abusive language should be used.

Tips For Writing Reprimand Letter:

  1. The letter should be typed and formal.
  2. The letter should address the exact person.
  3. The letter should give appropriate reason to reprimand the employee.
  4. There should be no abusive language.
  5. The letter should be to the point and short.
  6. The language of the letter should be simple

Reprimand Letter Sample


John Miller,

House $5

Ring Road

Sept 17, 2013

Subject: intolerable misconduct

Dear Ms/Mr. ______________

This letter is with reference to your misbehaviour with one of your colleagues. We in this organisation are expected to be as a family and it is just intolerable for anyone to raise hands on others.

This behaviours is against our code of conduct and we are warning you to not to repeat any such things in future or you will have to face serious consequences.

We hope that you will take our warnings seriously and will not repeat it again in future or else we will terminate your service.

Best regards,


Rayn Jill

HR Head

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