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Reservation Letter

A reservation means booking of anything. A reservation letter is considered as a tool about the agreement of any kind of thing. After last stage of negotiation the reservation letter is usually written. Once the parties have agreed, then only a reservation letter is written to seal the agreement. It is a kind of seal to the agreement.

Tips for writing a reservation letter

  1. A reservation letter must be written when all the deals are finalized and agreed upon.
  2. To make the letter simpler to read it is advised to use bullet points.
  3. The name of the addressee must be clearly mentioned in order to avoid any ambiguity.
  4. The reservation letter must be signed by all the parties involved in that agreement.
  5. Handwritten letter are considered more favorable than printed one, because it can be an official one too.
  6. All the details must be provided when this reservation letter is written for hotel booking.
  7. There must not be any kind of punctuation or grammatical error.
  8. The letter must be provided with contact number so that it can be easy for the addressee to contact you for any kind of details.

Reservation Letter Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: reservation letter

Dear ABC,

This letter is written after the conversation for the reservation of your PQR resort for XYZ occasion on xyz. We would like to confirm the reservation of your resort as per the up mentioned schedule.


Please reserve the resort for that day and I have attached an advance payment receipt with the letter. Moreover, the menu for food has been attached too.

You must check all the arrangement and I hope that it must get ready before the scheduled time. We are sure that you will not let us down in front of our guest. Feel free to contact anytime.

Thanking you,


Yours sincerely

Name and Signature

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