Reservation Letter

To book or to block are synonyms of the word “reservation”. A reservation may mean booking movie tickets, hotel for a holiday, a table for a dinner, a banquet hall for a wedding, date for a wedding, name for a company, etc.

A Reservation Letter is a tool to confirming to the other party about the conditions agreed upon and the reservation thereafter. A Reservation Letter however comes into play at the final stages of all negotiations. Once both the parties have arrived at a consensus then a Reservation Letter is written to reiterate the final points of the decision. It is like a seal on the letter.


  • A Reservation Letter should only be written once all the finer details have been discussed, agreed upon and worked out
  • Since it is a tool to reiterate the final discussions that have happened, it should pen down all points that have been mutually agreed upon between all the parties
  • To make the letter simple to read it is always better that the points reiterated in the letter are written as bullet points
  • The names of all the parties involved should be clearly written on the letter to avoid any ambiguity
  • A Reservation Letter should be signed by all the parties involved
  • A Reservation Letter can be both personal and official so based on its type it may either be hand-written or typed
  • It should be brief and crisp
  • Simple language should be used while writing a Reservation Letter
  • The date must be mentioned on the letter
  • If the reservation is for a particular date then that too should be clearly mentioned on the letter
  • The day on which the reservation date falls should also form a part of the letter to avoid any miscommunication
  • If the Reservation Letter is for a room in a hotel for a holiday, then the time, date and day when the guests are due to arrive at the hotel should be clearly given in the letter for the benefit of the hotel staff
  • The Reservation Letter must end with a note asking the reader if s/he would like any further assistance
  • There should be no grammatical or punctuation errors in the letter
  • The letter must have an email address and a phone number for the benefit of the reader
  • The letter should always be addressed to the person for whom it is meant or who is the key decision maker.


(This is a letter for reservation of a banquet hall for a wedding reception)

_________________ (Name of banquet manager)

_________________ (Banquet Address)

__________________ (Date)

Subject: Reservation of _________ (name of hall) for _________ (date)

Dear Sir or Madam

This is in continuation to our conversation for the reservation of your hall ____________ (name) for the wedding of our daughter __________ (name) on _________ (date) _________ (day).

We would like to request a confirmation of the reservation as per details above. The hall may please be reserved from _________ (time) to _______ (time). A copy of the advance receipt has been attached for your reference.

The menu for the wedding will be as per the menu discussed on ________ (date). A copy of the final menu is also being attached herewith.

The flower arrangement should be ready at least 2 hours before the reservation time.

Looking forward to a confirmation from your end.

We are sure that the guests would appreciate the arrangements done by you.

Please feel free to contact me at ___________ (number).

Best regards,

(Name of signing authority)

Encl: As above

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