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Formal Resignation Letter

Summary This letter is a suitable way to tender resignation and maintain good relation with dignity. This reflects that prosperity must be appreciated in every field of life and one should join the organization in which one is getting better opportunity and chances for prosperity. This world is full of such opportunities.

Robert Shereton,


Sansuaii Electronics and Hardware

25 June 2005


Mr. Donald


Sansuaii Electronics and Hardware


Dear Mr. Donald,

I am glad for your new order from Minnesota and congratulate you for the same. I appreciate that our company is getting orders from other cities also. I am writing this letter regarding our meeting, which we had on 10 June. I am grateful to you for offering me the position and the hike, but I sorry to inform to you that at present it is better for me to take the offer given to me by my new employer, which is required for my better career.

I thought sincerely about every aspect before coming to this conclusion. Please feel my sentiments and understand that it was a very difficult decision for me. I am going to join the new company by the end of this month. I, therefore render my official resignation. I will finish the pending work by the end of this month. It was my pleasure being associated with Sansuaii Electronics and Hardware.

Thanks and regards,


Robert Shereton,

Robert Shereton

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