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Dear Name,

I got to know from my friend that you are interested to buy a carpet. We at __________have a range of carpets from different countries, and we just received a new set of carpets. Our carpets are world class and are of all ranges and sizes and colors. We also have an option of custom made carpets, if you have a particular design we can make a carpet of your choice.

We have designers who are excellent in their work, and I am sure you will be more than happy after visiting us. Our outlet is located at ___________ and we are conducting an exhibition on_______. You can come and visit us at the exhibition and buy the beautiful carpets for reasonable prices. We have put discounts on all varieties which will last only until the exhibition lasts. Once we shift to the showroom you will get in the original process. So hurry and avail this opportunity and buy the best carpets from the lot. There are also a lot of lucky draw contests in the exhibition. Please come and try your luck.

Thanking you,


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