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Tips To Write a Resignation Letter

It is customary to submit a resignation letter when an employee is resigning from their job. The reason could be one of several reasons like a promotion in another company, better salary, relocation, enrolling for higher education and so on. A well written resignation letter helps to maintain amicable relations with the company after leaving.

Here are some tips for writing a resignation letter:

  1. Keep the language formal and cordial
  2. Keep the letter short and to the point
  3. Clearly explain the reasons for leaving
  4. Mention the last working day and the no. of years worked
  5. Express gratitude for support received if applicable

Tips To Write a Resignation Letter Sample



Seely Booth

2212 Palmer Towers

Marine Drive

LosAngeles, CA

Date ——— (Date of letter)


Ms. Camille Saroyan

MD, Jefferson Technologies

Cooperville, CA

Sub: Resignation

Dear Ms. Saroyan,

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from my post of Assistant Chief Engineer from Jefferson Technologies. Please consider this letter as 15days notice, as required by my contract. My last day of work here will be 25th April 2012.

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a senior position in another reputed company in the industry. This will take my career a big step forward, along with a substantial raise in pay.

The 12 years I worked at Jefferson have helped me grow as a professional and as an individual, and I would like to thank the Management and my colleagues for the great support they all proffered during my tenure.

Please forward my resignation letter to the Payroll Department so they can process my dues at the earliest.

Thanking you


Yours truly

Seeley Booth

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