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Letter to Respond to Rumors

It is difficult to eliminate rumors completely either from a society or from an organization. Any kind of violent efforts to stop rumors completely in an organization can make the management of organization appear too rigid and intolerant. This can even work against the interest of the organization and can put an adverse impact on its productivity and can diminish the image of that particular organization. So writing a letter in response to a rumor can be very much effective in these kinds of situations which can convince the people that the rumor is not true and at the same time maintain the reputation of the organization.

Some tips to write the letter

  • Once a rumor starts it is difficult to control. It is better to reduce the incidence of start of rumors by keeping the people in the organization informed through a proper response letter.
  • The response letter should be written in such a way so that it is able to convince the people that the rumor is not true.
  •  The best way to write the letter is to give as much related information as can be given without compromising with confidentiality requirements.

Letter to Respond to Rumors Sample







Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject:  letter to respond to rumors

Dear Sir,

Several employees have come to our personnel office to ask about the future of ABC computers.

Just to inform you, ABC is not closing its doors. Despite the last two years we have seen losses, we are still committed to finding a way to continue to do business.

We are trying to explore other promising avenues to keep ABC viable. We appreciate the loyalty you have shown to ABC computers, and we will keep you informed of further information.

Thanking You


Yours truly,

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