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Congratulation on Retirement

Summary: Retirement is the stage, which comes in every person’s life who is working in some company. Someone who offers his sincere congratulation to you on your retirement has written the letter. As retirement allows you too many things that you always wanted to do, but work never allowed. In this letter, the person congratulate on retiring with grace.

Mr. Will Turner

Technical Director,

Sun Technologies Ltd.

Dear Will,

I would like to congratulate on your retirement of the post of Technical Director from Sun Technologies Ltd. on 15th September 2009. I hope you enjoyed your tenure in the company a lot. Undoubtedly, you are retiring with all grace and respect that you deserved.

As you know, I will be also retiring in three months, I remember the day when both of us started our working life. We have seen every kind of situation together and I have learnt a lot from you. Now you are free to enjoy your life. You always wanted to spend more time with your family. I hope you will do it now. Do tell me about your plans.

I will miss you badly. Please be in touch on face book or you can call me 4364 757 4386.

With warmest regards.


Adam Cooper.

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