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Retirement Announcement Letter

Summary: an employee who wants to quit due to his personal reasons has written the retirement letter. The letter has been directed to managing director in which he makes it clear that he was extremely satisfied with the company. He can mention those great efforts from both the parties to make a successful job span.


The Managing Director

Sun Tech Private Ltd.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Notice of Retirement.

I would like to inform you that I have decided to quit from 12-05 2009. The reasons are entirely personal and by any stretch not related to the company. I am extremely satisfied over here.

I would like to request you to initiate the processes to relieve me of my charges and also payment of my due salary as well as gratuity which are applicable to me. Also, please make it sure that I receive my Provident Fund dues from EPF office by issuing me Employer’s Provident Fund Statement.

I thank the management and all my colleagues for the overwhelming support that they have provided to me during all these years from the bottom of my heart.

With my all the best wishes for the  success and growth of the company.

Yours sincerely,

Adam Parker.

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