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Retirement Letter to Colleague

Summary: a person retiring from his job soon to his colleague has written the letter. He thanks to him for his incredible support throughout his tenure and offers him the best wishes for the future.

14th April 2008,

Mr. Mark Joseph

Emp. No. 42360,

Horizon Corporation,


Dear Mark,

You might know that that I am going to retire in three days, I am writing this letter to thank you for your support and love provided to me. This organisation has given me my career. I have so many sweet memories associated with you as well as other colleagues. I will miss you all badly.

I take this opportunity to thank you for incredible support, patience and unconditional love, which you have provided me during these years. I am also grateful for giving me a chance to work with you, with whom I enjoyed working a lot.

I had opportunity to learn many things, which helped in my career. I will always remember you as someone special. I will stay at touch with you. You can contact me at email or call me at 074689898. Once again, thanks a million for all those things you have done for me.


Andrew Jhones.


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