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Funny Romantic Letter Sample

Summary: Writing a romantic letter with lots of feelings and emotions is common to lovers and most of the times they expect the same sentimentals and words in romantic letters. However, if you want your partner to smile then send him a funny romantic letter and make him smile. Let him know that you love him so much in a funny style.

Greg L. Melendy

3070 Clousson Road

Houston, TX 77002

Dear Greg,

Everyone person who loves himself will definitely love others. I loved you inspite of black spots you have on your face. I hope you will understand the frankness and straightforward nature with which I am telling you that you are not good looking. I love you to the deep of my heart though you are illiterate and even cannot read this letter. I am sure that you are not used to the classy life and lived below the poverty line. I also know that you are not attractive at all. One thing, I like in you, is the IQ level, which you have.

I started loving you only when you showed dare to jump into sewage tank for the very simple gold ring of mine. I am writing this to let you know that I would officially propose you tomorrow morning 9:00AM sharp. I will be glad if you can allot your time to meet me in Grand Viscera Hotel by the mentioned time in the morning. If you cannot make out the day, try sending your representative to discuss on this.

I will be waiting for your presence or for your representative’s presence.

Yours beloved,

Carolyn F. Nestor

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