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Poetic Romantic Letter

Summary: There are difficult times in our lives when we have arguments and misunderstandings with our beloved ones. And sometimes it is very difficult to find the words and explain them how sorry we are. Writing an appropriate letter can become a solution. There is a sample of such letter given below:



Dear Emilia,

I totally understand that I was wrong in the last argument we had. And I am deeply sorry for what happened. But I want you to know that my strong feelings towards you are became even stronger. I can hardly find words to express what I feel.

The only one I see is you

I cannot imagine my life without you

Give me a chance to show you my love

Watching you, care, be part of your life

I am feeling alone when I am not by your side

I am lost, and I suffer because you are my guide

Emilia, please give me another chance to prove my love to you. You are too important to me and I cannot lose you.

With deepest love,


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