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Sales Letter – Marketing Sales Letter


The marketing sales letter is a type of letter used to promote your sales but by making a small sample of your product available to your customer so that they can try it and then decide whether they want to buy your product. The instructions on how to use your enclosed product, its unique qualities, and finally your contact information are given in this letter.


Ladies Beauty Salon,

4187 Sunset Drive

Black Fish Lake, AR 72301

13th September 2010

Dear Mrs. McCain

You must have already seen the little pack attached to this letter. Please pull it off. This is a sample pack of Touch the new body lotion produced by Option Beauty Care Company. Please open the pack and put a little of the content on your hand. What you get is the trademark perfume of the Option Beauty Care Company. This is the fragrance you get in many perfumes manufactured by the company. We are pleased to introduce you to the lotion that complements those perfumes. Touch not only keeps the good smell all day long but also nourishes your skin as it has been added with Vitamins D and E. Also it has natural Aloe Vera extract. With all this we keep the product in a reasonable price range.

To find more information of the product range of Option Beauty Care Company that includes Touch, visit our website www.optionbeauty.com

Yours truly,

Kate Williams,

Sales and marketing Manager,

Option Beauty Care

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