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Sales Letter to Current Client

The Sales Letter to Current Clients are used to accelerate the communication between the company and its clients. These sales letters are used to set a healthy business relationship by the companies with their current clients. Whenever a new product is launched or a new offer is given then these sales letters are sent by the companies to their current clients. These sales letters helps in maintaining a flow of conversation and avoids any type of misunderstandings. Business expert prefer these Sales letter give details about their products and to attract customers as well as retain them. This Sales Letter to Current Clients provided in a professional manner and is in a manner that without being very descriptive in information one can make his customers to get information about the offerings of the business. The Sales Letter to Current Clients is just as a letter page of sales where a business person speaks about his products and tries to sells them. Most of the Sales Letter to Current Client follows a same pattern. For a business venture an effective Sales Letter to Current Client is very essential and these letter writing need a common formula that is to be followed.

  • State the exact name of the person or company you are referring to.
  • The sales letter to the current client should be clear and to the point.
  • Be clear and concise about the information you want to provide.
  • The letter should be formal one and also credible.
  • These Sales Letters to Current Client should never be hand written.
  • The style and content of the letter should attract your customer.
  • Offers or any new announcements should be given in a clear manner and should not lead to any confusion.

Sales Letter to Current Client Template

Use our free Sales Letter to Current Client to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


_____________ (name of the recipient and address)



Date ____________

Dear _________,(name of the recipient)

We are pleased to know____________ (discuss clients purchasing experience). We appreciate you (show your gratitude and appreciate the client).We are __________________ (assure the about the same quality of products in future also). If however there is any problem (discuss about after sale support).

You are one of our valued customers and we do care about you. We will make sure ______________________________ (reassure about the quality of products).We appreciate____________________ (thank the client for dealing with you and show gratitude). We have ____________ (promise better service in future).

We hope that our business relationship will continue in future in the same way as it is at present.

We are looking forward for more efficient business deals for both of us and wishing you success.



______________ (name of the sender and company)


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Sales Letter to Current Client Sample, Email and Example/Format


Sept 10, 2013

RSET Associates


Dear Sir,

We are thankful and appreciate your regular purchase of car accessories from our company GK Motors since last three years. We appreciate your confidence in our products and the regular business that you are providing us. We assure that we will always try to maintain the same quality standards and we provide beneficial deals to your company. And also you are never going to face any problem in relation to the delivery service. You are one of our valuable customers and we are not going to make any compromises with the quality that we are providing you. We are training our staff to serve you in a better way.

We hope that our business relationship will continue in future in the same way as it is at present.

We are looking forward for more efficient business deals for both of us and wishing you success.

Yours truly,

Mr. John tayler

Senior Sales Manager,

PIT Tyres

Email Format

August 17th 2010

MACRO Associates,



Dear Sir,

We are appreciating you for your service to this industry by regular purchase of Car tires from our Company in wholesale since last four years. We are thanking you for the confidence kept in our product and the continuous business support you have been giving us. It my believe that we both will never make any compromise in quality of the products and you will also not face problem regarding our on time delivery services. We are taking extra care for the quality of our product and we have set up new machine tools for the same. We are also giving training to our staff members so that we can serve you in more better way.

We are expecting that your assistance will continue like this in future also. We promise you to continue with our quality, quantity and delivery time assurances.

Once again wishing you all the success in all your future activities!

Yours truly,

Mr. Charles John

Senior Sales Manager,

MRF Tires

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