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Sales Letters to Past Client

Sales letters to past clients are necessary to keep in touch with them and build new business relationships. It also helps them aware of the new offers implemented by your company. Just see an example for a sales letter to past client.

Devi Saholia,

Managing Director,

SBC Publishers,



Dear Mrs. Devi,

It was really a happier working with you in the past. You were one of our oldest and best clients and we are very lucky to have such clients like you. In past few months, we were busy in renovating our office and we had to stop the work as well. Now we will resume in providing our services to you as our new office is opened at Pitam Pura.

We have been providing you web hosting services and will be providing the same service in future. You will be delighted to know that, we are offering you special discount for this season. We are charging only Rs.8000/- instead of Rs.10000/- for web development. A flat 20% discount!

We thank you for always providing us your precious work. However, this offer lasts only for a few months.



Managing Director,

SSS Company

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