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Sales Letters to Past Client

Communication is truly very vital for business deals. It generates the trust between the clients and the company. A sales letter is quite necessary tool in the proper running of a business venture. The Sales Letters to Past Clients are generally typed, typeset and printed. This Sales Letter to Past Clients is very necessary to be in touch with the past clients and crack a new deal with them. If a business firm keeps a contact with its past clients it increases the spirit of trust and belief in one another. These Sales Letters to Past Clients keeps the chances of regaining an old client fairly open. Any new development of the company should be forwarded to the past clients and create an impression on them so that they can willingly get into business with you in future also. These Sales Letters to Past Clients helps your clients to be aware of any new launches or offers of your company.

  • The style and node of the Sales Letter To Past Clients should be simple.
  • There should be no confusion and chance of errors should not be there.
  • The Sales Letter To Past Clients should be a formal letter.
  • Only significant information should be provided.
  • Avoid being clever and funny.
  • Do not get diverted from the major point.

Sales Letters to Past Client Template

Use our free Sales Letters to Past Client to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


___________ (name address and company of the recipient)




Dear __________, (name of recipient)

We at ______________________________________________________( give introduction of the company and thank the client for dealing with you in past).

We are ___________________________ (give details about your services and products. Also mention the new offers).

We thank you and are grateful to you for your great support in past and are hoping the same again in future.



_______________ (name and company of sender)

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Sales Letters to Past Client Sample, Email and Example/Format


Rama Tandon

Managing Director,

WESA Publications

New Delhi


Dear Ms Rama,

It was a pleasure working with you in past. You were amongst our best and oldest clients. We were really glad to have a client like you. In past couple of weeks we were busy expanding our offices due to which we had limited our services. Now that we are finished with our expansions we have resumed the services.

We are providing the web hosting services again. This time we are offering a special discount of 5% for web development.

We thank you and are grateful to you for your great support in past and are hoping the same again in future.


Sanjay Rao

Managing Director,

PTYU Company

Email Format

Devi Saholia,

Managing Director,

SBC Publishers,



Dear Mrs. Devi,

It was really a happier working with you in the past. You were one of our oldest and best clients and we are very lucky to have such clients like you. In past few months, we were busy in renovating our office and we had to stop the work as well. Now we will resume in providing our services to you as our new office is opened at Pitam Pura.

We have been providing you web hosting services and will be providing the same service in future. You will be delighted to know that, we are offering you special discount for this season. We are charging only Rs.8000/- instead of Rs.10000/- for web development. A flat 20% discount!

We thank you for always providing us your precious work. However, this offer lasts only for a few months.



Managing Director,

SSS Company

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