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Sales Letters to Potential Client

Creating and maintaining good business relations with popular clients or companies helps for the development of your company. Due to the reason, writing a sales letter to a potential client is an important factor. Therefore, here is an example for such a letter.


Mr. Pratab,

Purchase Manager,

Orion Computers

Dear Mr. Pratab,

[Subject: Flat 30% Discount for Computer Accessories and Parts]

It is very pleasure in writing to your company, which is one of the popular companies in the country. Your lowest prices and best quality service are outstanding. Your company is reaching worldwide now.

We are providing the best computer accessories and parts and all the service needed to maintain a computer. We have specialized service centers in many parts of the city and we are expanding our network.

Therefore, we want inform you, to be a part of our network to enjoy the services we provide to you and your customers. We are also expanding our business in other states like Haryana, Assam, Jaipur and other cities. We are providing the discounts of flat 30% in all services including the accessories.

Kindly contact us. We are waiting for you positive response.


Ravi Menon,

Marketing Manager,

Ravi Electronics.

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