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Covering Sales Letter

The covering sales letters are written to the human resource department. These letters are an application for job. Through this letter one can provide details about his education and work experience. In short these covering sales letters describes that why you are the best option for a particular job. These covering sales letters are very important as they show your qualifications and create your impression on the head of the department. These sales letters should be written with proper care as they are the steps that will lead to your dream job. The letter should be impressive but with relevant and correct information. These letters briefly describes your academics and your previous jobs. In addition to it should also contain details about the job responsibilities and the job role that you had on your previous job. These letters should be convincing and should make the reader feel that you are the best for the job and gives you a chance to work with him.

Tips For Writing A Perfect Covering Sales Letter:

  1. The Letter Should be formal.
  2. The letter should have no mistakes.
  3. The letter should carry your academic details as well as the details of your previous job.
  4. The letter should be written in an impressive manner.
  5. The letter should be short and crisp.


Covering Sales Letter Sample:


Mr K Crum

Sales Manager

DRT Pvt. Ltd

34 Down Street

MI 4567


Sept 16, 2013


Dear Ms. Crum,

This is with reference to your job advertisement on job.com for the vacancy of sales executive. I want to apply for the same position in your company. With due respect, I state that I have the same profile and job roles at my present job as you require for the desired post. I have done my Master’s in Sales and Marketing from KY University Manhattan. I have an experience of five years in the same field. I was awarded as the best sales executive in my previous firm for two consecutive years.

Please find the enclosed resume, certificates and work experience. I am looking forward for a positive reply from you.

Thanking You,


Yours Sincerely,

Lyra Dran

Green Road

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