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Selling Incentives Sales Letter

Summary: Selling Incentives Sales letters are important to bring good deals between two companies. Through this letter, you can inform your clients about the new products and incentives with them. Here is an example for such type of letter. You can read it and understand the fact. The selling incentives sales letters shown below mentions an incentive discount offer by a company.

Johnson K.T,

Purchase Manager,

Apsara Books,


Dear Mr. Johnson,

We are in great pleasure, to work with your company which one of the famous note book manufacturer of the country. The best thing about your brand is the good quality paper of your books.

This is to inform you that our company, Ritz Paper Mills, has launched a new type of paper, which is not made from trees but from the sugar cane waste, Molasses. The quality of this paper is very fine and it is better than the normal paper. Due to the launch of this new product, we provide a 50% incentive offer discount.

You can contact us via the given address or phone, to avail this offer and to know more about this offer.


Ashish Bal,

General Manager,

Ritz Paper Mills

Contact: +91-9943332315

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