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Scholarship Thank You Letter

Getting a scholarship for pursuing studies is a rare opportunity that arrives in a student’s life. Therefore, one needs to articulate his thankfulness for the consideration of those people, who have been generous enough to aid him in getting this kind of opportunity. If, one faces a sudden lack of words in composing a letter to thank someone for rewarding him with a scholarship, there are some rules which he must follow.

  1. The gratitude towards the person addressed should me shown in a proper way for handing away the scholarship.
  2. Proper respect should be shown to the person.
  3. How was he benefited from the scholarship, can also be mentioned in the letter.
  4. Letter should be written with the utmost positive vibes.

Scholarship Thank You Letter Sample






Date: ____________ (the letter was written in this date)





Sub: Thanking for providing the ABC scholarship.

Respected Sir,

I would like use this opportunity to express my gratitude towards you for being generous enough for awarding me the ABC scholarship. The scholarship means so much to my family and most importantly me. If I would have not applied for this scholarship, I wouldn’t have made it to the school of my choice.

As I had mentioned earlier in this submission letter, that is has been my long time goal to become a technician. In coming year as I chase the studies at well liked organization of expertise, I will understand whom to express gratitude for making my illusion come true.
Once afresh I express gratitude you and your organization in helping me chase my vocation and I in person assure that your trust won’t be hindered.


Thanking you again,


Yours faithfully,

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