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Sorry Letter to Boyfriend

In love relationship when you hurt your partner you become eager to say sorry but you cannot face him. So you use other method of saying sorry that is by writing a letter. Love letters are not new for any of the love pair. But writing a sorry letter to your boyfriend is something different. As when you love someone you directly talk with him but in case you cannot face him then writing sorry letter would be more of use.

Ann R. Endicott

3053 Cedar Lane

Cambridge, MA 02142

03 September, 2010


Dear, Ann

I am so sorry to inform you that we are leaving this country. Before starting our relationship I was not at all aware that after taking our relationship so seriously and after spending such huge time with you I had to leave you just because of my family are getting shifted to London. My father is General Manager in a Private Firm and his company is getting shifted to London therefore he has got transferred to London. As my father is working with the same company over the past 25 years he cannot leave his job thus he has to accept the transfer. And there is no one in the family except my dad who can protect me and my mom so we have to go along with him. Please try to understand my situation and feeling for you. And try to forgive me.

Yours Lovingly,

Earl B. Schmidt

1731 Ingram Street

Cambridge, MA 02221

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