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Sorry Letter to Love

Sorry letter are written when a person realizes that he/she made a mistake and want to accept and apologize for it. In any relationship, mistakes are made intentionally or unintentionally. Any responsible person would try to rectify the situation by saying sorry and requesting for forgiveness from the other person. Writing a letter is one of the best ways to express one’s own feelings in a better way. The reader of the letter also can accept the apology and excuse the person.

The following tips will be useful in writing a sorry letter to love:

1. The language used should be clear, simple and precise.

2. It should be a polite letter as you are requesting the other person to excuse your behavior.

Sorry Letter to Love Sample





_____________ ( your address)




_____________  ( address of the person the letter is addressed to)

Date: _________________ ( Date of which letter is written)

Dear Shalini,

I am really sorry for my rude behavior with you the other day. But I request you to understand the situation from my view also. you had promised me to meet at 6 in the evening. I was waiting for you patiently and you reached the place only around 8.30. You got delayed by almost two and half hours. Imagine my position. The moment I saw you, I showed all my frustration on you and shouted at you. you may not have come late intentionally. Whatever the reason may be, I had to wait patiently for you. Sometimes emotions are not in our control and it is easy to show the irritation.

I genuinely accept that I should not have behaved in that manner. Hence I am writing this letter to express my feelings and say sorry to you. I know you have a tender heart and you will forgive my mistake.

I am sending flowers along with the letter to convey my best wishes to you. I hope you like them as they are your favourite flowers.

I once again say sorry and hope to meet you at the earliest. Please get back to me as I want to see your response.


Yours lovingly,


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