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Condolences Letter Template

Summary: To give sympathy to those who are in bad health is definitely very helpful, especially in easing their worries and pains. They will take this as a great assistance from you, giving them emotional support. So, every time there is someone you know experiencing illnesses or other bad situations; always show them your sympathy.

Dear Mr. /Mrs. John Jacob

I really got shocked knowing about surgery your relative had. When I met Amy past two day in our school, she was fine and in good health. I am really sorry for the cervical cancer she had as I can comprehend the deepness of your grief and troubles. I give my empathy for the bad health of Amy. Coping with this kind of illness is very hard to bear.

I am convinced everything will be all right in short period of time by asking some excellent doctors. You have to be brave to cope with these situations since your parents are living away from you. I’ll pray to God for Amy’s speedy recovery.

If you are in need of help or anything, please don’t hesitate to call me at 800-6544-0909 or mail me at sympathy@yahoo.com.

Once more my empathy is with you.

Your Friend,


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