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How to Write a Sympathy Letter

Start your sympathy letter on your traditional writing paper along with your name and address and date. Or, if you have chosen to write a note on a card or piece of writing paper, begin with the date. Start your letter with an outline of the event and your sympathy. Looking on your relationship with the worker, you would like to write down an organization note; however you may additionally need to write down a second, personal note. The main target here is that the company sympathy Please confine mind, as you write a sympathy letter that is unlikely that you just understand all of the main points of your employee’s relationship along with his or her relatives. In addition, you may seldom have all of the main points regarding the worker and the family member’s tragedy. So, limit the assumptions in your sympathy letter. Keeping the letter neutral is my best recommendation.

There are some tips that are mentioned below. These tips should be remembered:

1. No mistakes are acceptable.

2. The language of the letter should be very much formal.

Sympathy Letter Sample






Date: ____________ (The author of the letter is writing the letter on this very date)





Subject: Condolence letter for your loss

Respected Sir,

It was a very sad thing that happened last night. I want to convey my condolences to your family. Mr.ABC was an exceptional employee our company will ever have. What happened with him is really unfortunate. That accident should not have occurred.

I have heard that the fire was extremely intense and hence he could not be saved. Once again I am very sorry for your loss. My regrets could not bring him back. But if there is anything I could do for the family please let me know about it. It would be my pleasure to support you.

I hope a better life and peaceful life for your family after him. Thanking you.


Yours Faithfully,

Name and Signature

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