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How to Write a Sympathy Letter Sample

A sympathy letter is written in order to show regret for any bad incident faced by a person. It can be a death incident of the beloved ones, loss of a pet or any other kind of mishap. The letter be written in own language of the person who is willing to send it. The letter must show the perfect feel of sorry to the receiver for the incident occurred. Supportive and consoling words need to be used in the letter so as to make the receiver feel better.

Few important tips to write a sympathy letter:

1. The letter is mostly written in a formal language. But in many cases, when between the friends, can be an informal one.

2. Any kind of errors must be avoided while writing, and hence must be proofread after writing.

3. The letter must be ended with a proper sense of gratitude and an offer of full support to the receiver in this bad moment.

Sympathy Letter Sample






Date: ____________ (date of the writing of the letter)





Subject: sympathy note

Dear XYZ,

I am so regretful to hear the miserable report about ABC and wish to offer you and your family my sincerest understanding. I worked with ABC for numerous years and in supplement to being a treasured associate, he was a dear ally.

ABC was a tremendous asset to our agency and the whole employees had a large esteem and esteem for his work and his accomplishments for our company.

If there is anything at all I can do to help throughout this very tough time, delight do not hesitate to communicate me. I’m accessible via MNO.

With my deepest sympathy,


Yours faithfully,

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