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Sample Sympathy Letter Format

The demonstration of understanding letter format is incorporated underneath. This is the sketch out to give you a design on how you can conceive and make a understanding letter. Sympathy note is a junction comprehending or fondness happening from any connection. It’s one way of expressing our genuine strong feelings to any person to ease their unhappiness or grief.

Some important tips to write an appropriate sympathy letter:

1. The words of the letter must be very much touching and the main concern behind writing it must be to make the person feel good, to whom the letter is being addressed to.

2. The writer must check the letter after writing for any kind of mistakes in it.

3. The letter must be ended with proper words of sorry and regret regarding the bad time going by.

4. The letter must be ended with words of support and assistance to the receiver.

Sympathy Letter  Sample






Date: ________ (date of writing the letter)





Subject: sympathy note

Dear XYZ,

I like to show my dependable admiration for the mail I obtained today forenoon from you about your anxiety for the misfortune of ABC. I am very pleased to read your note that had conveyed great understanding for us. I’ve notified ABC about that, ABC treasured your pleasant sign.

On this time of sorrow, I need somebody who’s brave sufficient to aid me contend this harsh detail of life. Therefore, your note intended an allotment for the two of us. On this moment, we’re feeling so protected from being enclosed by pleasant people like you. Please hold in feel with us and I will revise you with ABC’s health.


Yours truly,

Name of the sender

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