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Sympathy Letter – Sympathy Letter

Sympathy letter are written for many purposes and on many occasions. These letters show the feeling of the sender to the receiver about the worst thing that had happened to the receiver recently. These letters should show some respect to the sender. The letter should contain only the facts about the death. The letter should provide a helping hand from the receiver.

There are certain guidelines that guide us while writing such a letter:

1.  Mistakes are not acceptable. No spellings or grammatical mistake should be made.

2. The letter should show some respect to the receiver and to the deceased one.

Sympathy Letter Sample






Date: _______________ (the sender wrote the letter on this very date)





Subject: Letter conveying my condolences

Respected Madam,

I am fine here and hope an equivalent with you. I detected the untimed death of your husband few days back and that I am afraid to listen to the news. I will all perceive the sentimental bond between the life partners.  I carry him in my mind because he was the most compassionate and caressing towards everybody and his name remains in our circle for a protracted time for his in-depth data on totally different problems and therefore the knowledge he has been handling those problems. Loss of a life partner at this time of life is a real horrible loss and no-one will fill this gap.

I share my deep condolences to you, and stand by your testing time for all sensible functions. Though, it is not a matter of straightforward forgetting, I recommend you to induce on with the life.

Please do not hesitate for any quite facilitate needed. I hope to God that his soul is in peace. Thanking you.


Yours Faithfully,

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