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Sympathy Letter Format

Summary: The sample of sympathy letter format is included below. This is the outline to give you an idea on how you can make and create a sympathy letter. This letter expresses our deepest emotions that we can give to a certain person in times of their grieving and sadness.

Name of the Receiver of the Letter

First Address with includes your Names

Mention the name of the County or State Receiver

Dear Mr. /Ms/Mrs.,

In the first paragraph you will incorporate the content about the source of details and information to learn the reason of sympathy. Then express your feelings in forms of grief and pain to learn about the news. Pay your respect and your deep sympathy for the sufferer. Always write the paragraph very clean so there will be no miscommunication. Do not use any direct word as your letter must be filled with compassion.

In your second paragraph, try to support the sufferer and make her or him understand about the importance of life. Or if necessary, ask him if he need a financial help.

And in your third paragraph, mention deep sympathy from your family also. Tell him that you can support them in terms of financial assistance and emotional help. Give your contact number and your email ad so you have a contact.

Closing remarks,

Your name

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