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Sample Letter of Sympathy Example

The sympathy letter is generally written in order to provide support and strength. This letter is generally written to assure the family that someone is always there with them. This letter can be generally written known people to the one or a member of a family whenever something take place. The sympathy letter must be written immediately as soon as the sender learns about the mishap. The letter must be written with outmost care and it must be ensured that the letter must be written with appropriate words.

Tips for writing sympathy letters

Here are the few important points which must be followed while writing a sympathy letter:

1. The letter must be written as soon as the writer learns about the mishap.
2. Little encouraging words can boost up the strength of the one which is suffering from illness or met with an accident.
3. The sympathy letter assures the reader that someone will always with them whenever they need them.
4. The letter must be handwritten in a formal manner.
5. The letter must be checked twice before sending so that the letter is error free.

Letter of Sympathy Sample






Date: ________ (date of writing the letter)





Subject: sympathy for accident

Dear ABC,

I have learnt from PQR that you have met with a major accident and you are going for a surgery within a week.

There is no need to worry. You will be fine because we know you are very strong and you have the capability to fight and recover against the injuries.

Our good wishes are always there with you. Please do not hesitate to inform me if you need any kind of assistance. Just take rest as much as you can. I will pay a visit soon. Till then take regular medicine and proper care of yourself.


Yours faithfully,
Name of the sender

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