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Format of sympathy letter

Sympathy letter are very serious kind of letters mainly written to show one’s condolences to the receiver for whatever bad that has happened to them. These bad could be loss of job or even worst as such loss of our beloved one’s. These letters depict intense feelings and hence should be written carefully. Each and every part of the letter should contain perfect use of language. The letter should show some respect for the receiver.

There are certain points that should be kept in mind before writing a letter like this, these points are:

1. Mistakes are not acceptable.

2. The feeling of the letter should be loud and clear.

Format of Sympathy Letter Sample






Date: __________ (on this very date the author wrote the letter)





Subject: Condolences for your unexpected loss

Respected Madam,

My heart stone-broke into items earlier in the week after I learned of the fast, surprising death of your expensive husband, and that I cannot imagine the depth of your sorrow.

I would like to share words of comfort that bit reduces your grief, however I do know that this square measure will not remove any pain that you are suffering currently. My heart aches for you, ABC, and my arms are extended long to embrace you. Even my knees apprehend your grief, as I even have been on them in prayer for you.

Although words appear futile currently within the thick of your sorrow, but that is all I have to provide you. Please settle for these written words as heat hugs to wrap yourself in, and apprehend that I am holding you and your kids in my heart at this unhappy and troublesome time. Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,


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