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Sympathy Thank You Letter

This letter is written so as to convey a vote of thanks to a person for the sympathy receives from him/her in any of the bad times faced by the sender. The letter must be written with a due respect to the receiver, since he/she had been a great support during the bad times. The letter must clearly express how good the person is feeling after being consoled by the receiver during the bad times and the thanks must be given in a good way such that the person receiving the letter too feels good that the sender really understands what he/she has done for the person. The letter may be a letter to a boss, or a friend or a relative.

Some simple tips to write a sympathy thank you letter:

1. The letter must necessarily be a formal letter and must be written with full gratitude and respect.

2. The letter must not contain any kind of errors or mistakes. Hence it must be checked twice after writing.

3. The letter must clearly show how much the person is really thankful for the required support in the bad times.

4. A proper vote of thanks must be given to the person, going to receive the letter.

Sympathy Thank You Letter Sample






Date: ________ (date of writing the letter)





Subject: sympathy thank you letter

Dear ABC,

Your understanding business card was timely and very, very cooperative to me during difficult days of the previous week. All though I received many notes of sympathy through e-mail, I found in my anguish that a substantial card I could glimpse on my desk was actually much more comforting. Express gratitude you so much.

This week is much better, and though I understand that grief takes its own time outside of my command, I am feeling grateful for the years I had with my father and for the time I have with friends like you right now.


Yours truly,

Name of the sender

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