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Sample Letter of Sympathy For Death

Sympathy letter is send to a person going through tough time. Tough time may be the death of any loved one or any loss in business. You must use very kind and supportive words in this letter so that the grieving person gets some relief after reading it. The letter should be short and written using simple sentences. You can also include some special qualities and remembering about the dead person, this will definitely make the grieving person feel good. Here is the sympathy letter written to a friend on death of his father.



Andrew C. Vasquez

1063 Sussex Court
Iredell, TX 76649

6th June, 2010

Dear Andrew

It is really heart breaking news about the death of your father Mr. Larry. I know that you loved him so much and after the death of your mother, he was everything for you. I can understand your feelings and know the situation of your heart. I wanted to meet you but presently I am out of country for some official meeting and got his sad news from my wife.

He was a wonderful and social person. Please accept my deep words of sympathy on this unfortunate incident and tell me if you want any help.


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