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Tax Letter

This type of letter is association with the overall tax procedures and communicating the same to other person in writing. It is the duty of each and every citizen to pay their taxes on time. For this, they are issued a letter which is an official document stating that they have paid their tax on time. The money is then utilized by the government for development of the country by constructing roads, dam, schools and much more.

Following points should be considered for writing an effective tax letter:

  1. Firstly the letter should be framed in a very professional way as it is an official document to be saved by the tax payer.
  2. Tone of the letter should be formal and polite.
  3. The payment details should be clearly mentioned in the letter to avoid any confusion.
  4. Wording of the letter should be appropriate so that the reader should understand them easily.
  5. Once you are through writing the letter, please recheck the same for corrections, if needed.

Tax Letter Sample



Mr. Henry Stanford

Income Tax Commissioner

Office of the Commissioner


Date (Date on which letter is written)


Louis Philippe

546, Southern Hills Apartments


Sub: Tax Letter

Dear Mr. Stanford,

I would like to bring to your kind attention that there are errors in my tax report. My annual salary is $20000 and the tax computed is very high. I am living on rent and have three dependents also. The details of my lease deed and my income have already been submitted to the concerned department. My TIN no. is 543278965. I am a regular tax payer but this time I am very much disappointed with your calculations.

I would appreciate if you could act on request at the earliest and provide me with the actual tax amount to be paid.


Yours sincerely’

Louis Philippe

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