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Patient Termination Letter

Termination letter has gained descent popularity now a day. Not only in offices it also used in banks and hospitals.  In case of hospitals termination letter is addressed to the patients. This type of termination letter should include all details of the patient. It should include all type of payment details and medication details. It should also include a request to meet the doctor. All termination letters should depict a sad feeling from the sender but in this case the thing is reversed. This is a basic difference between these two termination letters.

Some things are to be kept in mind, which are mentioned as below:

1. Any types of are not acceptable.

2. The feeling of happiness should be depicted clearly.

3. It should end with a hope of good health.

Patient Termination Letter Sample



__________ (name of the writer of the letter)

__________ (designation of the writer)

__________ (address of the letter writer)

Date: __________ (Sender of the letter wrote the letter on this very date)


___________ (name of receiver as in letter)

___________ (designation of the receiver as in letter)

___________ (address of the receiver as in letter)

Subject: Letter terminating the patient

Respected Sir,

It is on my part on behalf of our hospital to inform you that you are being terminated from our hospital on the date XYZ. It is a happy moment for us all that you are at last returning home totally cured. As you know you were admitted in our hospital for a very long time approx fifteen days. You were suffering from a severe disease and we are very happy to inform you that our medication worked.

All your stuffs are being transferred in the reception. You could collect it from there. About payment you have to submit it in the accounts department. From there only you could collect all the medicine slip. Before termination it is advisable for you to meet the doctor, who will explain everything to you about the medicines. I wish you a long live, live well. Thanking you.


Yours Sincerely,

Name and Signature

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