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Sales Termination Letter

Official letters include letters to clients, sales man or any other person giving his services to the company. The official letter is of many types some of them are already discussed previously. The main topic of today is termination letter. These types of letters are generally used to free a man from his beneficial part of the company. That is he is sacked and will not obtain any benefits from the company. Such an important letter should be written with extra care and accurately.

  • Since it is a sales letter, the proper reason of termination should be mentioned.
  • There is no place for grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • The letter should end with a best of luck.


Sales Termination Letter Template

Use our free Sales Termination Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.





Date: __________ (letter writer wrote the letter on this very day)





Subject: Termination letter for the receiver

Respected Sir,

This is on my part to inform you on behalf of our company that you had been freed from all the contracts signed with our company. You had been terminated from all your services. The decision was taken altogether from the officials of our company. The reason behind the termination of your services is poor quality of raw materials. The products were examined by the technical departments of our organization. They discovered many defaulters in the products, which was a result of poor quality raw materials.

Your stuffs are already been posted at your place. I regret that we could not disclose any payment as the reason of the problem. Wishing you luck for your upcoming works. Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,


Name and Signature

Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Sales Termination Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



__________ (name of the sender of the letter)

__________ (designation of the sender)

__________ (address of the letter sender)

Date: __________ (Writer of the letter wrote the letter on this very date)


___________ (name of receiver of the letter)

___________ (designation of the letter)

___________ (address of the letter receiver)

Subject: Letter of termination for the receiver

Respected Sir,

It is on my shoulders to be the bearer of a bad news for you. I on behalf of our company am very sorry to inform you that you have been terminated from your services. The decision was taken collectively by our chairman-cum-managing director and other board members. This termination was made due to the insufficient supplies. In our last contract the product sent by you was not satisfactory. You were unable to complete the contract.

It is our humble request to collect your stuffs from the technical department. Your payments will not be dispatched due to incomplete project. Thanking you.


Yours Sincerely,


Name and Signature (letter sender)

Email Format

You may have to terminate employees due to business demands and it may not be an easy situation. You may not be happy with services provided by the sales companies so have this right to terminate their service and you can certainly make your situation polite and simpler by sending an email to them by following the below mentioned format. This format is simple and well written and can be used by the company in such situations.

Dear Mr. Fredrick,

On behalf of Protext corp, I would like to inform you that your sales services have been terminated with our company. Since we have spread our company to the software wing, we have taken this decision.

Please send us the pending invoice and we will transfer the amount in your account. We thank you for being with you and it was pleasure working with you. We may contact you in future for any kind of guidance. Even though the professional relationship has come to an end, we would still remain friends. Thank you for rendering your best services to our company and we wish you all the success in future.

Thanking you

Mr. Ashley Thomas.



Protext corp


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