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Termination Letter for Student

Summary: A termination letter for a student is given only when a student is repeatedly carrying on with bad behavior in the college premises. It is given after many warning letters to the student. The letter has to specify the cause for termination without fail.

The below letter will show you how to write such a letter.

Mr. Robert wills,

85- Down Street,

Los Angeles,


Dear Mr. Wills,

This is to state that you are being terminated from Rowell University, as you do not transmit a good character at college. We have received many complaints from your teachers and your co-students that you behave in an unruly manner, which is not acceptable at our college. Apart from this you not concentrate on your studies at all, which is supposed to be your ambition.

We have already warned you three times in a row, but you do not seem to change. We know that your career will be spoilt if we terminate you, but you have left no room for us to give you another chance. Thus, accept this letter and leave the college as soon as you can.


Mr. Johnson,


Rowell University

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