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Termination Letter Format

Termination letter are one those commonly used official letters. The main purposes of the letter are to sack or drop or terminate someone. So these letters are written with extra precision. These receivers of this letter are those employees who do not abide the laws or those contractors who do not obey terms and condition. These letters are mainly written to break the bond between the sender and receiver.

  • The letter should be thoroughly checked for any kind of mistakes.
  • No trace of disrespect should be there.
  • It should end with a best of luck for future.

Termination Letter Format Template

Use our free Termination Letter Format to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.




Date: __________ (date of writing of the letter)



Subject: Receivers’ termination letter

Respected Sir,

On behalf of our company, it is very sad to announce that you have been terminated from our company. As a field manager it was our pleasure to work with you. As per the reasons you know that your criminal background could not be accepted by our Board of directors.

It is a hard time not only for you but also for us. Your termination is a very harsh decision, but it cannot be avoided. As for your basic and fund payments we request you to collect it from the reception. It has been already been delivered. Your files are already posted at your place.

I hope you will find a better option than us. You are a strong man and that could be accepted. Thanking you.

Yours Sincerely,


Name and Signature along with your position and company name


Download Template (Doc and PDF)

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Termination Letter Format Sample, Email and Example/Format



__________ (Name of the sender)
__________ (Sender’s designation and company)
__________ (Sender’s address)

Date: __________ (Sender wrote this letter on this very particular date)


__________ (Name of the Receiver)
__________ (Sender’s designation and company)
__________ (Sender’s address)

Subject: Termination Letter for the receiver

Respected Sir,

We are very sorry to inform you that you have been terminated from our prestigious organization. You served the company for last four years and you did well as per your works. Still we had to sack you; the reason lying behind this is your misconduct and the interaction with co-workers. Unfortunately to add on this your police record is also one of our main tensions.

We are very sad terminating you. On behalf of our company I would request you to collect all the payments. It is also requested to clear your locker and company affiliated bank accounts. You are also requested to handover the company house and the vehicle.

I would also like to thank you for your contribution in the company. Hoping you will kiss the success from air, thanking you.


Yours faithfully,


Name and signature (This thing should be of senders’)


Email Format

When any employee of a company does not attend to his duties carefully and his performance is badly affected, the company’s management gives him a chance to improve upon his duties by oral as well as written advices. However, if still he does not improve, the company has to make harsh decision of terminating his duties. In this situation, the under mentioned letter is issued to the employee.

Dear Mr. /Ms …………………

Sub: Termination of Services.

Ref:  Our Letter No…../Performance/…..dated ………..

Our previous letter, which is cited above, may be referred to wherein you were advised by your Head of Department to give more attention to your duties and improve your performance. Inspite of this, no improvement has been noticed in your performance.

Therefore, this is regretfully informed on behalf of the management that your services have been terminated with immediate effect. You may obtain clearance certificate from the account department.

Whishing you the very best of success in your future endeavours.

Yours sincerely,


Copy to:- Accounts Dept


Place: ……………Dated ……………


Termination Letter Format Generator

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