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Thank You Letter – Fundraising Thank You Letter

Fundraising thank you letter is written to an organization that has raised funds for you in the form of donations or prizes which has helped lot of needy people. This type of thank you letter is important as it will help in building a strong relationship with your donor which will help in future fundraising. Through this letter, you should make them aware about the utilization of funds.

Few tips are considered to be effective for writing a fund raising thank you letter:

  1. It is vital to express your genuine gratitude towards the organization that has done such a noble cause for you.
  2. Your must respond immediately to your supporter after receiving the donation. This promptness in this regard will help in building a long term relationship with them.
  3. You must make them feel proud by making them aware that their donation has made a positive impact in the lives on many people. This will help in creating an emotional bonding with them.
  4. Your wordings should be as such that it should make your donor feel touched and appreciated.
  5. Once you are through writing the letter, please check the same for punctuation errors or grammatical mistakes.

Fundraising Thank You Letter Sample





Date (Date on which letter is written)




Sub: Sincere thanks for the donation

Dear Mr. Watson,

I would sincerely like to express my gratitude towards you for enthusiastically taking part in our fundraising activity. Your noble help will go a long way in changing the lives of many children at our orphanage. This amount will help them in getting better education and food to sustain their living.

I would really appreciate if you could take some time out of your busy schedule and meet the children and shower your blessings on them. I am sure they will also be happy to see you.

I once again would like to thank you for your generosity towards the children. We look forward to have a long association with you.

Yours sincerely’


Mr. Peter William

“My Home” Orphanage

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