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Sample Children Christmas Letter

Dear Name,

Thank you for sending me such wonderful gift as preset for Christmas. I was eagerly waiting for a computer as all my friends ahead and had convinced dad to buy me one, and he promised that he will buy one after exams. Thank you so much for buying me one. I am sure I will use it to play different games and also to study. In fact, we have computers from next year in school, and it will be very helpful for me. I assure you that I will not use it alone for my games but utilize the maximum by referring different good sites for my studies.

Mom told me that I should take care of the computer as it gets spoiled fast if not taken care. I will take care of it, and I promise that when I grow up. I will buy you wonderful gift and take you places you like.

How I wish you were there, and we could have had fun in Christmas. Hope you come soon and I can spend a good time with you. Wish aunt from my side and wish you a merry Christmas.

Your nephew

Your Name.

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