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Thank You Letter While Leaving a Company

Summary: Thank You Letter is a letter of gratitude to express your sincerest thank for a person whom you meet, give you a gift, send you a cards, or to anyone you want to say thank you with.

August 2010

Members of Staff, Dopey Electronics,

Kandli, Mumbai

Dear friends,

Good day to all. After the serious and deep thoughts, I have come to a decision to put an end to my job in this company. The company gave me many benefits and the greatest thing that I experience here is to have you as my colleagues. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all of you people by writing this letter. You are so amazing.

This might be a surprise to you, however I decided to work in the ABC Videocon Electronics, my job commencing will be this coming August 21. You know that it is my dream to work in multi national company and now that the opportunity has come, I will not let this pass, and I am pleasured to work in there. Nevertheless, prior to my resignation, I would like to handover the responsibilities.

I wish you great success in future! From my deepest, thank you.


Gopi Kiran.

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