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Valentine Letter

14th February is celebrated as Valentine day every year as a day devoted for ones loved ones. It has been named after the priest who started – St.Valentine. Initially it was meant only for beloved ones. But as time passed by several priests and saints felt that it should be a day for expressing love to anyone whether it is siblings, parents or friends.

Since the start of Valentine’s Day, it has become a habit for people to write letters expressing their feelings towards their loved ones. Valentine’s Day is associated with the angel of love, cupid, balloons, cards, flowers and letters. The day has been denoted by red color.

The following tips will help you to write a Valentine letter:

  1. As it is a personal letter, it is better if it is handwritten to make it more personal.
  2. The choice of adjectives should be made carefully as the letter should convey the feelings of the writer.
  3. Love and warmth should be the tone of the letter.
  4. All kinds of errors like grammatical and punctuation marks should be avoided.
  5. The language used should be clear, simple and yet convey the feelings of the writer.


Valentine Letter Sample


Dear Mona,

Hope you are doing well and are best in spirits. I am fine here but your absence is pinching me.

I apologize for my rude behavior the day when we had gone for dinner. I was carried away in the discussion and said things which I should not have said to you. It was not right on my part. You  must have felt very bad. I should have apologized there itself, but somehow it did not strike me. It is “better late than never”.

You mean a world to me and I cannot tolerate the fact that I had hurt your feelings. I once again request you to forgive me.

Please accept the flowers I had sent you. Hope you like them.

With lots of love,



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