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Encourage the Team Members to Increase Sales

A business has many specific departments and the sales department is the most important department and if it is the sales campaign then the sales campaign is the only thing that is important as it is the part which is going to bring the huge turnover. All the companies are very much careful about the sales department. The job of sales is not that simple and selling the same item with the same version most of the time tires the people or the worker. So the encouragement is must to make it more capable. A great encouragement letter to the employee can make a huge difference in the sales figure. It is not easy to motivate people for some boring work. The workers also feel some kind of encouragement from the team leader and the manager that they can put their cent percent in the working hours so that they can earn the best possible revenue for the company.

There are few things that one needs to keep in mind while trying to motivate the teams with the letter. They are:

  • Select the words with extra care.
  • Do not use such word saying any negative approach towards the previous performance.
  • Try to give a positive vive.
  • Make them assure that you are always there to support them.
  • Provide the room for working freely.

Encourage the Team Members to Increase Sales letter Sample



The team

Date: 8/8/13

Subject: [performance motivation]

Dear guys,

I am really very much happy about the effort you people gave last month and the entire management is also very happy with the business. Watching the capability of my team they have increased the target for us. There is no need to take any kind of panic as I know my team has the capability to achieve any target under any circumstances. What we need to keep in mind that is nothing but the basic. As I have told you guys that there is no alternative to the team work. So build a good team work. Try to be cooperative to each and everyone and I know we will be achieving the target long before the deadline.

As we all know the problem we came across last month with the performance though we have overcome that nicely but this should not repeat in this month. Try to be nice with the client. It is for sure that the client will always have some wild need and deal but this is the way the work goes on. Try to be nice and be ready with great answer so you can please down the client real soon.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Team leader,

Vincent Cooper

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