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Encouragement Letter – Sample Encouragement Letter

In the letter section the encouragement letter always found a greater interest and importance. The encouragement letter is being written to lift up the moral of person and to encourage them to work in a better way. Encouragement letter is not only related to the official purpose as it can be written for the personal purpose as well. The great encouragement let5ter can bring multiple numbers of changes that can be extremely beneficial for the person and the organization as well. The encouragement letter is not easy to write as the communication is the basic concern for this letter. Slightly ill writing can lead you to a miscommunication and you may end up with a wrong result or opposite result. The encouragement letter is not only meant to encourage someone to do something but it is also a guideline to make someone do something in a proper way which is very much important for the better result.

Writing an encouragement letter is not an easy task. There are few guidelines that can lead you to a better result.

  • The encouragement letter should provide the detail information about the situation and a proper explanation of the problem so that one can understand the regards easily.
  • The tone of the letter must be polite so one does not get hart about the fact or else there will not be any reaction or use of the encouragement.
  • The letter must carry some positive intense. No matter how critical problem it is but one must put the matter with positive attire.
  • One must be very careful about the words been chosen.
  • No harsh word or negative word should be used.
  • It is better to write the letter in a personal approach to make the appearance closer one, it helps to reach the encouragement in a proper way.
  • The encouragement letter should have a particular reason or else a negative encouragement can lead to some worse result.

Encouragement letter Sample



Max Roger,


ABC print.

Date: 7/8/13

Subject: [Encouragement letter]

Dear Max,

I would like to put this letter into your notice that we are coming across few problems from last couple of periods of time. We all know that we have experienced a stressful year. Even after downsizing couple of months ago we are still unable to catch the relevant target. If we do not take a good care about the problem as soon as possible then we are going to face a huge problem in the near future. We have a great amount of hope on you as you have performed a quality in the past and shown you capability of doing something better.

What we all can do that we are requesting you to the most special way possible so if you can work out some better possibility to achieve the target then it would be something worthy to us. This is the high time to take a good care of this problem.

Thanking you.


Vincent cooper,

Editor in Chief,

ABC print.

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