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letter to Encourage an Employee after a Disappointment

Encouragement is itself a big term that can change the life of people. It is not easy to encourage someone. The encouragement letter is a specific letter format that is sent by someone to encourage other. The encouragement letter has much more attraction and impact as well when it is sent to an employee after any disappointment. Human beings are not machines. It is not always possible to perform to the most level. Every day or every session is not same. Sometimes some disappointment can take place for the employee. It is not something right to say something hard to the employee after the poor performance. The poor performance most of the time leads the employee to the mental stress. In that period any hard word may lead him to something worse like drug addiction. So it is very important to behave normal with the employee and make him realize that it can happen and all he needs to do is nothing but stick to the basic and try harder. Encouragement is all that he needs that time. It is not easy to write a letter to encourage someone after disappointment.

There are few things that one needs to keep in mind while writing an encouragement letter. They are:

  • One needs to be very selective about the words to be used in the letter.
  • One who is writing an encouragement letter to an employee he or she needs to find the basic problem and try to give him or her some suggestion that may help him to get over the situation.
  • Do not write the letter because you have to write one but write when it is truly needed and you know that you can encourage him to the fullest to get rid of that situation. Do not write something may push him more towards the disappointment.

Encouragement letter to an employee after disappointment Sample


Vincent Cooper,

Junior manager,

ABC Company

Date: 9/8/13

Dear friend,

I have come to know about the performance of your last month. I went through the detail report. It was not bad or poor but not up to mark as we have great amount of expectation from you. We have got great performance before from you. But you do not need to take any pressure about that. Being your senior I can give you some valuable tips. First find out the problems you are facing or the things are not going right and disturbing you. You do not have to do anything extra but stick to the basic that may give you some extra room to carry on your good work.

I hope you will get rid of this time very soon and will be back on your den while we can see you a happy worker performing with his most limits.

Thanking you.


Best regards,

Daniel Webber,

Operational manager

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