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Employee Recognition Letter

Recognition is very essential for everyone. Everyone wants to be acknowledged and recognized by our colleagues. A firm is recognized by the work quality and also by its employees but there is one more important factor to it and that is employee’s satisfaction. It is very crucial and important for an organisation to recognize its employees. The HR department of any firm keeps a close look on the performance of the employees and recognize them. The employee then receives a letter from the company for his performance and effectiveness. These letters are termed as Employee Recognition Letter.  An Employee recognition letter is written to the employee to acknowledge his work and efforts that helped in the growth of the firm. It should be given to the concerned person as soon as his work performance is recognised. It is an official letter so it should in formal language.

Tips For Writing A Perfect Employee Recognition Letter:

  1. The letter should mention the efforts of the employee and should be to the point.
  2. The letter should not carry any other grudges as it reduces the importance of these letters.
  3. These letters are official so they should be formal.
  4. It should be a typed letter.
  5. In case of any non monetary or monetary award they should be mentioned in the letter.
  6. No errors should be there in the letter.

Employee Recognition Letter SAMPLE :


Mr. Joe Raddle,

Senior Executive


New York

Sept 17, 2013

Dear Mr. Joe,

You work efforts for the growth and developments of the organisation are really admirable. We acknowledge your dedication and hard work to accomplish the given targets and act as an effective team member. We really appreciate your commitment towards our organisation.

A cheque of $ 15,00 has been issued to you as an appreciation token. We hope that you will inspire others in our organisation and we wish you all success.

We thank you for your dedication and efforts.

Best regards,


Jack  Miller

General Manager

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