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Reprimand a Employee for Breach of Policy

Life is not always smooth. It is always difficult to retain a job that to get a new one. Doing a job with all the responsibilities is much more difficult that getting a new one. An employee can be reprimanded if he does not fulfil the job responsibilities or if he has misbehaved. The reprimand a employee for breach of policy is an official letter that is written to the employee if he has not worked according to the policies of the company or have broken them. The tone of the letter is unpleasant and discusses the reason for the reprimand of the employee. These letters are also written if the behaviour or any action of the employee is not according to the policies of the company.

Tips For Writing A The Reprimand A Employee For Breach Of Policy

  1. The letter should be to the point and short.
  2. The letter should be typed and formal.
  3. The letter should address the exact person.
  4. The letter should give appropriate reason to reprimand the employee.
  5. There should be no abusive language.
  6. The letter should be written subtly.
  7. The language of the letter should be simple.
  8. The consequences of breaching the policies should be clearly mentioned.


Reprimand a Employee for Breach of Policy Sample:



Mr. Ramesh Singh


Sales Department,

House no 89

Ring Lane


Dear Ramesh,

This is to inform you that one of your sales executive has behaved very badly with our customer Mr. Jayant Patel. In addition to it we have also heard that he has also given some confidential information of our company to some external agents. We have sufficient proof against him.

The customer had called him up on Sept 14 but your sales representative avoided saying that he is too busy to attend him and his quires. This is totally against the policies of our company. No one in our company is allowed to pass on any confidential information or insult any of our customers.

We want you to handle the matter and to act against the sales personnel. Please issue him the termination letter.



Kamal Kumar

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