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Response Letter Sales Rejection

A response is given to any kind of complaints received from the customers due to any fault in the services or any defect in the products. Through this letter, an acceptance to the complaint is shown and the customer is provided with a proper priority with well assistive services and proposals for the solving the respective problem reported by the customer. In many cases the customer is asked for some kind of information to be provided so as to take the proper steps to provide the satisfactory services to the customers.

Some important tips to write a perfect response letter:

1. The letter must necessarily be a formal one.

2. The letter must contain any kind of mistakes or errors to avoid any kind of misunderstandings.

3. The letter must be addressed to the exact person.

4. Relevant information must be provided with letter so as to provide the best services.

5. Proper respect and gratitude must be shown in the letter.

Response Letter  Sales Rejection Sample






Date: ______________ (date of writing the letter)





Subject: Response to complaint

Dear Sir,

Thank you for informing me that we have made the fault by overbilling your company’s account by ABC. I’m attempting to credit your account. However as a result of we’ve got a lot of that one fault in our files. I want a lot of info. Please send me your account variety and, if doable, a replica of your last request statement with the over billed quantity thereon so I will notice the error at its supply.

I foresee to receive the knowledge shortly. Therefore I will correct the error. Please visit my workplace at MNO if you have got any queries.

Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,

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